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Zara Green is an individuality advocate whose mission is simple: to validate who you are, to make sense of why you do what you do and to understand those around you to the point of absolute acceptance - of self, and others - so that you can establish enduring happiness, both in life and in love with Self Development for Self Leadership!

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The Art of Understanding Thoughts and Behaviors is based on the origin of psychology, temperaments, which is how each person is individually and uniquely designed to think and feel, differently. After hearing it, you will understand yourself and your loved ones, better!


1. Introduction

2. Individually Designed

3. Uniquely YOU!

4. Paths of Purpose

5. Red Zone/Blue Zone

6. Origin of Individuality (Psychology)

7. What Is Your Priority?

8. Validation, Not Justification

9. NOT the Golden Rule

10. Reframing Perspectives

11. It's in the Training

12. Family Responsibility

13. Unity: A By-Product of Respect

14. Respect Who I Am, (Poem)

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How To Freely Be Who You Are is a closer look at YOU - why you do what you do, feel what you feel, and are who you are.  After these “light bulb” moments you'll never be in the dark about individual differences again! You'll learn to distinguish, embrace, accept and respect your individual difference, and others.


1. Introduction

2. From Knowledge to Application

3. Living by Design

4. Individual Priority, Review

5. Sensory Perception

6. Different Kinds of Smarts

7. What School Grading Systems Miss

8. Cost of Living by Default

9. Product of the Environment

10. E.Q. (Emotional Quotient)

11. Communication Tools

12. No "Cookie Cutter" Experiences

13. Accepting Without Exceptions

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